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Hypnotherapy Website Extras

It's critical that any images you include on your hypnotherapy website are copyright free. Of course, taking your own photos to include on your site is always the best bet, but not everyone has immediate access to professional photography; which is where we're able to provide you with premium images to increase the overall quality of the finished site.

£3.00 per image

A custom email address means you aren't using Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or any other provider; you're using your own domain as your email address. This adds that extra layer of customisation to your hypnotherapy business. On top of this you will have year round email support and spam filters will be manually put in place to protect you and your business from untoward emails.


If any of your customers are within the European area, you need one of these on your website. Due to EU regulation without a privacy policy detailing how you handle user data you will be subject to fines, and in todays connected world you should not be taking any chances. This is something you can do yourself, or alternatively we will handle the policy for you.


Online security is as important today as it has ever been. Although you can operate your site without an SSL certificate, you are leaving your hypnotherapy website vulnerable to not only a lack of security but also to a negative SEO (search engine optimisation) impact. Anything that holds back your SEO is bad news, because it means that your target audience are less likely to be able to find you online. Google and other search engines actively discourage users from entering websites that lack an SSL certificate. Although this never used to be the case, it certainly is today and so it is absolutely worth being covered.


Although a hypnotherapy website is the ultimate online presence you can have for your business, you should never neglect social media. It is an unavoidable part of operating a business in this day and age, and if you aren't already pushing your services on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and so on, you should be. We can assist you with this and help you run your social media platforms, creating a tailor made package to best suit you and your business' goals.

From £40.00 per month

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