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Hypnotherapy Graphic Design

A clean, professional logo is the foundation of your business, it is how potential clients will remember you and as it is typically the first thing they'll ever see to do with your business it will create that all important first impression.

From £40.00

Our Helsinki based graphic designer, graduate of LAB University of Applied Sciences, will create a premium logo for your holistic business, seperating your hypnotherapy from the competition. With the increasing amount of popularity in holistic healthcare comes an increase in the amount of practitioners, and standing unique in this regard will only ever increase the amount of clientele that comes your way. When you're creating a logo you not only want it to represent your business but you also want it to represent your clients, you need them to be able to resonate with the brand you are creating, and you need an experienced hand to lead the way in this regard.

From £90.00


Business cards are the physical face of any small business. If you visit a festival or manage a stall to market your hypnotherapy business, you'll want to have business cards to hand to everyone and anyone that might be able to benefit from your services. Along with a professional logo, your business card (at least in person) creates that so important lasting impression.


Business Cards

Whether you're new to promoting your hypnotherapy services or a seasoned practitioner, chances are at some point you'll be designing flyers to advertise yourself. Not all flyers are created equal, and a quality design can be the difference between someone taking the time to read the information on this piece of paper or throwing it away. When you're handing out 100s, if not 1000s, details matter. From the font-type to colour scheme to icons to what information to include, this should be a well thought out endeavour and not rushed through.



Maybe a flyer isn't enough to put across to a potential client just how much your business offers, or perhaps you want to go in-depth with what information you include when handing out material advertisements; that's where a leaflet can push your marketing to the next level.


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